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Covid-19 does not exist
Science & Religion - General
There is no evidence that a new, never before seen, massively infectious and deadly virus is spreading through every community in the world at the same time. The entire pandemic is a hoax. - ...
Created by LibertyAboveAll, response from LibertyAboveAll
06/10/21 3:33 PM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Health - General
I don't belive organic food companies should be lowering their prices, because it takes alot of risk and money for the organic product producer to provide us with organic food that take a long amount ...
Created by xX_ancient_Xx, debated by LibertyAboveAll
06/10/21 3:31 PM EDT Read
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Capitalism sucks
Political - Ideology
Workers are exploited under capitalism because much of the money their labour produces goes to the employer they work for....
Created by Jackaloab, debated by LibertyAboveAll
06/10/21 3:30 PM EDT Read
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Internet education vs school education
Social - General
internet education is best ...
Created by Tushar143, debated by LibertyAboveAll
06/10/21 3:27 PM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Respect for Father
Relationships - General
Should it be inborn or earned?...
Created by zaxy, debated by Morpheus
06/10/21 3:13 PM EDT Read
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what is the rational choice.. Islam or Christianity?
Science & Religion - General
I believe that Islam makes more sense than Christianity.. it provides a comprehensive guide for life the core message of Islam is to beleive in.one God.. much simpler than the Christian doctrine of ...
Created by osama, debated by zaxy
02/27/21 3:43 PM EST Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Political - General
Immigrants take jobs, but they also create them. Immigrants work, and with that money they will buy food, shelter, things. they will need homes built, shops opened and staffed. That is how a nation gr...
Created by Nemiroff, debated by zaxy
02/27/21 3:42 PM EST Read
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Root causes of unskilled US workforce
Political - Ideology
The loan market for students seeking advanced education has created a vortex of extended debt and inadequate training for technical careers....
Created by readiness4, debated by zaxy
02/27/21 3:41 PM EST Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Science & Religion - General
Created by micheal, debated by zaxy
02/27/21 3:40 PM EST Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Political - Ideology
democracy is best form of government...
Created by Rose6868, debated by YourShyFriend
01/13/20 8:19 PM EST Read
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