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federal judges over ruling gay marriage bans
Political - U.S. Politics
I believe the decision to allow OR refuse legalization of same sex marriage should with out a doubt, be left up to the citizens of each individual state to decide. I can't stand hearing that federal c...
Created by rlp0906, debated by atomicspitfyre
11/06/17 8:55 PM EST Read
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Health - General
wwe is not fake...
Created by hana_mol, debated by atomicspitfyre
11/06/17 8:45 PM EST Read
Debate This Premise Now!
gays are stupid
Relationships - General
Created by tubsalmighty, debated by atomicspitfyre
11/06/17 8:36 PM EST Read
Debate This Premise Now!
is god real?
Science & Religion - General
is he...
Created by syco, debated by atomicspitfyre
11/06/17 8:31 PM EST Read
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Creationism vs Science/Atheism
Science & Religion - General
Huge controversial debate here. I would like peoples opinions. Everyone should be fair and show evidence. ...
Created by HughJanos5619, debated by atomicspitfyre
11/06/17 8:25 PM EST Read
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Who killed Philip Seymour Hoffman?
Political - U.S. Politics
"Heroin Traffic is heavy worldwide, with the biggest producer being Afghanistan. According to a U.N. sponsored survey,[7] as of 2004, Afghanistan accounted for production of 87 percent of the world's ...
Created by Morpheus, debated by saraIam
10/25/17 9:50 PM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Political - General
restructuring is the way out of economic crises ...
Created by Magaji, debated by saraIam
10/25/17 9:36 PM EDT Read
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the use of phone is dangerous in our modern life
Social - General
Created by Myyonskee, debated by zalfaslsbyl
10/18/17 4:14 AM EDT Read
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Why boys cheat?
Personal - General
I hate boys , when they cheat on a girl. What they get after this??? just tell us once that on our face , It will be highly appreciated!!...
Created by silentkiller, debated by AutoRealism
10/15/17 5:03 PM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Relationships - General
is true love possible these days?...
Created by DevilGuy, debated by AutoRealism
10/15/17 5:01 PM EDT Read
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