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Pakistan must be globally isolated
Political - International Politics
As Pak is on constant terror activities so we need to take a bold step against it....
Created by Youthindia2027, debated by BigObamaSupporter
07/20/19 12:51 AM EDT Read
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Should one support a famous person who has done something reprehensible?
The Arts - General
Should one support a famous person who has done something reprehensible?...
Created by Cicero, debated by BigObamaSupporter
07/20/19 12:48 AM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
non- violence is better or non violence
Science & Religion - General
vatika ...
Created by Ioks, debated by BigObamaSupporter
07/20/19 12:47 AM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Psych is the King of all Howard Stern song parodies!
Social - General
Howard Stern featured an on air battle today between two song parody writers that have dominated his airwaves with their Robin-worshipping renditions of classic tunes over the past few years - Psych v...
Created by Spartacus, debated by BigObamaSupporter
07/20/19 12:46 AM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
God and Religion
Science & Religion - General
Can anyone prove that god exists? i see no good evidence for the existance of any god....
Created by Unknownphysicist, debated by BigObamaSupporter
07/20/19 12:46 AM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Is the Bible word of God?
Science & Religion - General
"To prove your point you should have evidence" ...
Created by Khan7666, debated by Ramsundar
07/17/19 10:43 AM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Social - General
awsm to be the part of social debates live ...
Created by Jashmishra, debated by appy
05/23/19 9:33 AM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
who gonna be the president of Algeria
Political - International Politics
do you think that Bouteflika Can continue being president of Algeria ...
Created by Walid, debated by jashmishra
05/21/19 2:35 PM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
digital india
Social - General
debate on this topic...
Created by Viuek, debated by action
05/04/19 7:26 PM EDT Read
Debate This Premise Now!
Privatization of the higher education
Social - General
Privatization of the higher education like universities will have negative consequences on the societies in long-term....
Created by ARG, debated by pritamsaha
03/20/19 4:42 AM EDT Read
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